Escorted Tours in Southern Spain

Intimate and exclusive small group tours in Andalucia designed for authentic travellers.

You might have always been reluctant to travel as part of a guided tour because you don’t like to be herded and you rather experience a country in an authentic way. We know how it feels! That’s why we have designed our escorted tours in Southern Spain, a totally different experience for authentic travellers.

All of our clients have expressed, after the trip, how they enjoyed the experience because they felt as if they were travelling with a group of friends.

Our small group tours in Andalucia are truly intimate. We aim for a maximum of 12 people so we can ensure a personal touch, where interesting conversations can take place while respecting the environment.

For this type of holiday we thoughtfully plan all the details, from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about absolutely anything. You can just relax and enjoy the exciting adventure ahead.

Full of exclusive activities and luxury services, our tours are perfect for those who want to be part of the culture as an insider and savour their time to discover Andalusia in a more authentic and relaxed way.

Our attentively chosen Spanish guides speak fluent English and French and are a delight to be around. Every one of them love what they do and are incredibly knowledgeable. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions and help you immerse escorted Tours in the Southern Spanish way of life.

Discover Unique Experiences with Small Group Tours in Spain!

Explore the best escorted tours to Spain and select the option that aligns best with your personal taste

Cultural Tour in Spain

Cultural Tour

This classic and magic journey around the quintessential region of Andalucia will help you discover the stunning Moorish cultural heritage which is unique in the world. You will explore and learn about the history of exceptional places in the region such as Granada’s legendary Alhambra Palace, Cordoba’s distinctive Mosque, and Sevilla’s majestic Cathedral.

Andalusia is truly a melting pot of culture where history meets and blends with myth.

Garden Tours in Spain

Spring Tour

This journey is specially designed for those who feel their soul sing whenever they encounter historical sites surrounded by beautiful gardens and nature. There is almost nothing more magical than Springtime in Spain. It really is the perfect time to indulge in the pleasure of witnessing all of its warmer weather wonders.

We invite you to join us for this unique opportunity to visit the very best selection of Moorish, Renaissance architecture coupled with typical gardens that are hidden in this culturally rich and historic corner of Spain. You will also enjoy exclusive access to beautiful patios and gardens in private mansion houses.

Wine Tour in Spain

Wine Tour

Whether you are a seasoned fine wine aficionado or simply a lover of the grape looking to enjoy and better your knowledge of it, Andalusia is definitely the place for you!

Discover the best kept secrets of Southern Spain’s exquisite wines and gastronomy on this all-inclusive educational journey.

Why choose Explore Escorted Tours in Southern Spain?

“For those travellers who have never contemplated travelling under the umbrella of an escorted tour or simply dismissed the notion, the following points might give you some food for thought.

We offer only special and unique experiences to our guests. You’ll discover some of the most wonderful and lesser-known corners of Andalusia.

Unlike most large commercial tours you won’t experience military style marches through monuments, towns and cities.

Instead, we take plenty of time and put all our hearts into designing every trip with the comfort and thrill of our guests in mind.

Working with only intimate groups means we can add all those little touches and surprise additions which will nurture your knowledge of this truly magical region.

You’ll feel relaxed and surprised at just how much you have seen and done without the feeling of having been rushing around.

We can’t wait to welcome you.”


Rosa Lara

Rosa Lara. Escorted Tours in Southern Spain

What makes our small group tours in Spain different?

In reality we haven’t come up with this list of advantages ourselves but it’s the result of our clients’ testimonials.

We are really happy and grateful to receive so many excellent reviews from our guests all the time.

  • Fully escorted itineraries by knowledgeable and friendly local Spanish tour directors who will enrich your experience.
  • Stay in character historic buildings converted into charming and cosy accommodations for a real feel of the Andalusian architecture.
  • Private luxury transportation with experienced and friendly drivers.
  • Exquisite plentiful meals. We have chosen the best restaurants and boutique wineries for an unforgettable taste of the authentic Spanish cuisine.
  • Discover amazing places which are off the beaten track and you could only find with the expertise of our local guides.
  • Respect for the local community. We only work with businesses who also believe in a respectful tourism industry.
  • 100% Zen. There is always enough free time on your own for shopping, exploring and chilling out.
  • Zero stress: Everything is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about logistics, language barriers or missing out on any of the great things available.
  •  Small groups. Limited to 12 travellers for an authentic human connection.
  • Human connections. Get to know local artisans, wine and olive oil makers, members of the aristocracy and get access to amazing locations where you will feel spoiled in an exclusive but friendly environment.
  • Unique Activities. Immerse yourself in the history and local lifestyle: hands on cooking workshops, visits to cheese and olive oil farms, exclusive wine tastings, direct access to museums and historic buildings, visits to private gardens, and much more.

Enjoy our small group tours in Spain!

Discover the beauty of Andalusia

“I have sought everywhere the city of my dreams, and I have finally found it at Ronda”. Rainer María Rilke