FAQs for Our Escorted Group Tours

How many people and what type of people normally go on a JE group tour?

We keep all our tours to a maximum of 12 people so we can get to know you better and you can get to know your fellow travellers easier. Most groups are generally made up with a mix of couples and solo travellers with ages ranging from 40 – 70 although we have had younger and older. Our typical guest is looking to discover the authentic Spain whilst avoiding the usual tourists’ traps, loves travelling, trying local food/wine, appreciates history & Spanish culture.

Will I be doing much walking on this tour?

Our group tours normally include guided visits to the main cities and monuments so YES you will be doing some walking and standing around. We generally say you must be comfortable with walking around 2km (4 miles) unaided each day. As always, we are very flexible so if during the trip you feel you would rather skip any visits or tours it’s not a problem. Your tour leader will advise where and when to meet up later.

What is Spanish food like?

During your tour you will be trying typical seasonal meals so if you bring along an open mind and willingness to try, we are sure you’ll enjoy most if not all the dishes on offer. Spanish food is not generally spicy and ranges from fresh fish/seafood, vegetables to meats. You’ll no doubt also experience the Spanish tapas culture somewhere along the journey. This is an ideal opportunity to try many different small dishes all within one meal. Please also bear in mind that the Spanish eat late. Typically, you’ll be having lunch around 2pm and evening dinner around 9pm. Any earlier and either most of the decent restaurants are closed, or they are empty with no atmosphere. Please advise us before booking if you have any particular dietary requirements or intolerances.

What type of hotel will I be staying in?

We understand that this is always a big worry when planning any holiday. That’s why we only ever use accommodation we have pre-visited and, in many cases, have been using now for years. Your hotels will not be large international chains but smaller charming, character hotels each with great locations so you can easily explore the city yourself during the free periods of your tour. You will have your own room with private en-suit bathroom, air conditioning/ heating. All breakfasts will also be included at each hotel.

What about my luggage, is there a limit of size & weight?

Generally speaking, we ask that you limit your luggage to 1 large suitcase and 1 rucksack size bag per passenger. This way we can ensure all the luggage is going to fit comfortably in the minibus we will be travelling in and any trains we may be taking. Remember you are responsible for carrying your luggage and checking it is loaded on and off the bus/train at each stop. We understand that some clients will be spending more time travelling before or after their tour with us and therefore may need to bring more luggage. If this is the case, please advise our office in advance so we can plan and make the necessary arrangements for this

What if I want to see other parts of Spain whilst I’m there?

Not a problem, just let us know when and where you would like to explore, and we’ll be happy to create a bespoke itinerary including transport, hotels and guided tours as needed.

Do I need travel insurance for this tour?

Yes, please ensure you have adequate travel insurance that covers any medical expenses and repatriation costs, just in case… Your tour leader will always be available to help and arrange visits to a pharmacist, doctor/hospital if needed during your stay with us.

What about tips and gratuities during the tour?

Please note that these are not included in the tour costs. Normally in Spain if you are happy with the level of service you have received it’s normal to leave a tip. For city and monument guides we recommend 5€ per person and for restaurants 2€ per person. Your tour leader will also leave a tip to show our companies appreciation.