5 Ways To Discover Andalucia In 2021

5 Ways to Discover Andalucia

5 Ways To Discover Andalucia In 2021

In this post we propose 5 ways to get to discover Andalucia.

Andalucia is the Southern region of Spain and probably the most quintessential. Our customs and lifestyle are different compared to the rest of the country. Thanks to the climate and the sunny weather we truly enjoy our outdoors activities and sharing our time together with family and friends. Andalucia is a melting pot of cultures and traditions where the people are friendly and hospitable by nature. That is why we love sharing what we have with visitors who came from so far away to enjoy our architecture, landscape and gastronomy.

Andalucia should be one of your top 10 destinations to discover or re-discover in 2021 now that 2020 is a “ghost” year. To make it easier for you, we have prepared 5 different suggestions, so please, come and just explore our beautiful homeland…
Memories for a lifetime are guaranteed!

Discover Andalucia

Discover the Classic and Cultural side of Andalucia

We have the perfect 7 nights itinerary to explore the highlights of Southern Spain: a small and intimate fully escorted group tour (maximum of 12 people). On this magical journey, you will visit the most stunning and exquisite architectural jewels such as the unique Mosque/Cathedral in Córdoba, the incomparable Alhambra in Granada and the magnificent Gothic Cathedral in Sevilla.

This tour is a pure delight for those who find history, architecture and art fascinating. We guarantee It will be an equally enjoyable and memorable trip either on your own, or with family/friends. One of our favorite options to discover Andalucia!
This tour is scheduled for Spring and Fall. Check our available dates here.

Get seduced by the enchanting Moorish gardens

Spring is a very special season to visit Southern Spain. The weather is warm and pleasant, the flowers are starting to bloom and their delightful fragrances permeating everything. This is also the time of celebrations and local festivities taking place throughout most towns of Andalucia.

We have created a very unique and distinctive itinerary not only for garden lovers but for anyone who enjoys nature, history and traditions. On this tour you will visit some of the finest Moorish, Renaissance and Tropical gardens. Most of which are hidden in this historic corner of Spain for your contemplation and admiration. You will also enjoy exclusive access to some beautiful patios and gardens within private mansion houses. One of our favorite options to discover Andalucia!

This mix of tradition, culture and gastronomy is the formula of our Garden tour, a small and intimate fully escorted tour of 7 nights (maximum of 12 people). Please check our dates for Spring 2021 here.

Take a bite out of Andalucia

Spanish cuisine is amongst the best in the world. Its variety and flavorful dishes are highly praised around the globe. The ingredients and preparations vary a lot from North to South or East to West. Every region has its local products, preferred ingredients and signature dishes.

On this journey, we invite you to take a bite out of Andalucia. Our homeland can not be discovered without getting to know the local products along the way. That’s why this tour is so educational and fun at the same time. You will savor special delicatessens like the superb jamón ibérico, delicious bluefin red tuna, artisanal goat cheese and the most exquisite Spanish caviar, yes Spanish caviar.

You will meet local producers, visit family-run farms, shops, and traditional markets, learn about the production process of every product you are tasting, whilst also enjoying the countryside and lifestyle. On this special journey foodies and wine lovers will indulge their senses in an unforgettable experience full of delicious flavors and excellent wines. This fabulous gourmet tour will be released on our website very soon so please stay tuned for further info and dates! One of our favorite options to discover Andalucia!

Enjoy Andalucia with your family

Remember those magical holidays of the past together?  

Andalucia is a family-friendly destination with excellent transport, accommodation, food, and an extraordinary range of attractions that appeal to both young and old! Active kids can enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, and swimming while those who wish to explore Spain differently, will be delighted by the abundance of art, history & culture. There are horses to ride, flamenco dresses to admire, natural pools to swim and impressive wildlife to track down. Everything to make your family holiday truly unforgettable! One of our favorite options to discover Andalucia!

Let us help you create memories of a lifetime with your “tribe”, submit the form here,  tell us what you like and we will customize the perfect itinerary that matches your interests, preferences and budget.  Live the Just Explore experience and discover the best of Andalucia.

Hit the road and explore the hidden gems

Are you feeling adventurous and enjoy travelling independently? Andalucia is a region brimming over with history; from Granada’s Alhambra to Sevilla’s Alcázar & Barrio de Santa Cruz or Cordoba’s Great Mosque/Cathedral, this region is abundant with splendid remnants of its rich past. On this self-drive trip, we look past these shining jewels and take you off the beaten path to explore Andalucia’s dramatic landscapes, littered with what we consider to be Andalucia’s true hidden gems: the legendary White Villages of Andalucia.

These stunning ancient whitewashed villages perched upon hills, dot the characteristically rugged Andalusian landscape like snow-capped peaks in a sea of centennial olive groves and lush vineyards. Let yourself be inspired by these pretty villages’ winding cobbled streets tastefully adorned with wrought iron rejas on their windows and plant pots spilling over with colourful flowers. One of our favorite options to discover Andalucia!

On this fantastic trip, take the time to discover this ancient land, savour its delicious gastronomy and soak in its distinctive and enchanting culture. This exciting itinerary will be released on our website very soon so please stay tuned for further info.

We hope you liked our selection of 5 ways to get to discover Andalucia.