Classic Cultural Tour

An explosion of beauty for the senses

This trip is a pure delight for those who find history, architecture and art fascinating.


We have designed for you a magical journey around Andalusia which will allow you to discover some of Spain’s main World Heritage Sites as well as our interesting culture.


The cultural influences that have washed over Andalusia since the first paintings were etched on cave walls are numerous: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths, and Vandals.


But the most influential of all were unarguably that of the Moors, who named the region “Al-Andalus” and whose eighth-century rule left an indelible imprint on the region’s culture and customs.


On this journey you will visit many sites which represent the Arte Mudejar, a Hispanic-Muslim art only present in Andalusia and admired worldwide for its beauty and delicacy. But also stunning historic buildings from the Gothic and Renaissance times, like the Cathedral of Seville and from the 3 different religions like the Synagogue of Cordoba dated from the 14th century.

Places like the Alcázar in Sevilla will leave you speechless.


Its rooms with gilded domes, its walls covered with azulejos and its magnificent gardens have borne witness to some of the most important chapters in the history of Spain.


This is just an example of the legacy we will explore together on this Classic Cultural Tour.


Accompanied by one of our local tour directors and guided by art historian experts, you will explore and learn more about the history of extraordinary places in the region such as Granada’s legendary Alhambra Palace, Cordoba’s distinctive Mosque, and Sevilla’s majestic Cathedral, but also about hidden gems that aren’t so well-known, yet are truly master pieces.


  • Take this opportunity to see with your own eyes some of the most beautiful sites in the world such as the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Mosque of Córdoba and the Gothic Cathedral in Sevilla, without waiting in queues and accompanied by the best guides.


  • Discover the hidden gems: the picturesque towns of Carmona and Ronda, beside other surprises.


  • Admire the most spectacular settings and breath-taking views from cliff-top castles to medieval Moorish palaces and charming whitewashed villages within idyllic nature reserves.


  • Savour plentiful meals in our carefully chosen restaurants. Andalusian cuisine has a Moorish influence that has turned our dishes into an explosion of exotic flavours and colours.


  • Learn about olive oil production and Andalusian wines by visiting family run farms and wineries.


  • Stay in character historic buildings converted into charming and cosy accommodations for a real feel of the Andalusian architecture.


  • Enjoy the soul and duende of the purest flamenco in Seville and the vibrant atmosphere of the Andalusian cities at night.


  • Be seduced by the aura of another era where Christians, Jews and Muslims lived together in harmony and created one of the most important civilisations that the world has ever seen.


  • Discover amazing places which are off the beaten track and can only be found with the expertise of our local guides.


4 October 2020
18 April 2021
6 June 2021
3 October 2021


8 Days / 7 Nights




3/4 stars boutique hotels


Granada - Córdoba - Carmona - Sevilla - Ronda - Málaga


Private luxury bus


Small group tour (4-12 people)

“The truth is, that I’m beginning to wonder if there is any greater pleasure in life than visiting Granada. …and it is going back and visiting it again.” Alexandre Dumas


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Come and enjoy an unforgettable cultural experience

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