‘Simply the best’: The heartwarming moments that stood out on Just Explore tours this year

Exclusive Garden Tour in Spain’s Andalucia with Just Explore

‘Simply the best’: The heartwarming moments that stood out on Just Explore tours this year

Another year comes to an end and with it comes many more beautiful memories formed by people all over the world who have travelled from far and wide to experience the beauty and allure of Spain. The team at Just Explore has been fortunate to play a vital role in helping shape wonderful travel experiences for so many in 2023 by creating unique itineraries which include unforgettable journeys and the opportunity to delve into the most opulent and authentic experiences that Spain has to offer.

Looking for the sun?

This year has seen the travel bug return following a slow resumption in international tourism after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021. Spain broke records for the amount of tourists who chose to tick the country off their bucket lists in 2023. In the first eight months of this year the number of tourists visiting Spain increased by 19.6% and exceeded 57.7 million, compared to the 48.3 million people who visited during the same period last year. 

More tourists than ever before are also choosing to flock to the Costa del Sol in Andalusia any time of the year. Who can blame them? With six million people enjoying the coast’s 325 days of sunshine, soft sand and sparkling Mediterranean sea.

Just Explore’s 2023 Cultural Tour travel group in October

Just Explore exclusive Cultural Tour 

In early October, we had the pleasure of organising our much-anticipated Cultural Tour. Our clients shared a deep appreciation for the rich culture and history Spain has to offer. This year’s tour was a sell-out as we took our exclusive tour group on a journey through various UNESCO World Heritage sites, across valleys and through enchanting villages. Starting and finishing in Malaga, it passed through Andalusia’s Golden Triangle (Granada, Cordoba and Seville) with highlights including arguably Spain’s most important landmark, the Alhambra Palace in Granada, and then the Mosque of Cordoba and the gothic Cathedral in Seville. The group also had the pleasure of visiting the picturesque towns of Carmona and Ronda.

We took our guests on a beautiful day trip to Toledo.

Magic of Spain Tour 

Just Explore founder and CEO Rosa Lara then led the “Magic of Spain” tour where her years of travel expertise showed as she led the group through a special 10-night journey across the country. The adventure began and ended in Madrid, covering mesmerising cities like Cordoba, Granada, Ronda, and Sevilla, with a delightful day trip to Toledo.

Throughout the tour, we enjoyed two scenic train rides, appreciated by our North American travellers. There was an added bonus this year with the introduction of the new train service, Iryo, marking the first-ever competition to Spain’s renowned train operator, RENFE, adding diversity to our journey and experiencing Spain’s railway history firsthand.

Plenty of photos were taken on the picturesque Garden Tour this year.

Garden tour with Just Explore

The team at Just Explore took advantage of Spain’s beautiful spring weather in early April to take our clients on an exclusive tour around some of Andalusia’s most impressive gardens. Always a favourite, it’s not hard to understand why as the group is given exclusive access to enchanting private patios in the buoyant cities of Sevilla, Cordoba, and Granada. Our guests were left intoxicated by the sweet perfumes of the orange blossoms, jasmine, rose bushes and lilies. They’ve also got an impressive gallery of photos with stunning sequences of colours on show from different Moorish and renaissance gardens.

We love feedback

The efforts of Just Explore to immerse guests in the cultural tapestry, architectural wonder and natural beauty of Spain did not go unnoticed this year. The feedback we received in 2023 warms our hearts and motivates us to keep going next year, and beyond, and continue to create lifelong memories for people all over the world. 

“We have had the most amazing time thanks especially to your suggestions and excellent organisation. It has been well worth the three year wait. Thanks for everything!”

Colin G.

Victoria, Australia. October 2023

Colin says his trip with Just Explore was well worth a three year wait

“ My friends and I have used quite a few customized tour agencies before, and I must say Just Explore is definitely one of the more reliable, trustworthy & professional companies we have used. We had initially planned a 10 day trip to Morocco in early October, but this plan had to change very suddenly so we frantically started scouting for a private tour agency to help us put together a replacement itinerary in the Ssouth of Spain. We approached several agencies, and the first to respond with lightning speed was Just Explore. They calmly & very professionally guided us with some ideas on the itinerary and within a few days we finalized the itinerary!  Just Explore listened and addressed all of our concerns & needs. Their execution of the itinerary was flawless. Dalia was amazing! She helped us experience the quintessential south of Spain & left us with very fond memories. So thank you once again, Rosa & Dalia for a memorable trip!”

Andrew T.
Singapore, October 2023

Michael thoroughly enjoyed his experience with Just Explore this year

“We recently returned from a family holiday in Spain. We were a group of 6 family members travelling together. We were so overwhelmed by how well every element of this trip was planned. Our various guides were all incredibly knowledgeable, and shared and presented information with so much passion and enthusiasm. We were never, ever bored for a second. Add to that, every planned event was seamless – transfers, meetings, guided tours, off-the-beaten-path extra charms, exquisite restaurants where we dined like kings & queens with many pre-selected menus for our group. Everyone was flexible in their itinerary in order to meet the needs of the group. Accommodations were excellent – all centrally located in the most convenient locations, and extremely comfortable and luxurious. We would highly recommend Just Explore for its superb planning and superior guides. It was an outstanding holiday from start to finish! Thank you again!”

Michael E.
Quebec, Canada. October 2023