Spain After The Coronavirus: 10 things to do when it passes


Spain After The Coronavirus: 10 things to do when it passes

A little message to all our past, present and future clients…
As I’m sure you can imagine, the travel industry has been hit particularly hard by the current Pandemic sweeping across just about every country now. At Just Explore we have been inundated with messages of support from our clients around the world. Thank you, we are truly grateful. 

Here in Spain, we are complying with the recommendations and restrictions to help tackle this virus as soon as possible but we are also very busy rescheduling all the wonderful bookings we had for the first quarter of this year.  

Fingers crossed that this will all be over in a matter of weeks/months and we can all get back to normality soon. One thing for sure is that Spain will remain a beautifully diverse country to visit and we will use this quiet period to further enhance our products/itineraries for all our valued customers.

We might be locked down for 15 days, but we will not lose our identity, our social lifestyle is part of our DNA and will carry on enjoying every minute as we always do.

10 plans in Spain after Covid-19

  • Cheers with a caña.  Una caña is a small glass of cold beer. This is such a popular drink to order at any local bar that we even have an expression to describe the act of going out to have a beer and tapas: Salir de cañas.
  • Get outside for a little sun therapy: Thankfully the sun shines in Spain most months of the year and sunshine is such a great source of Vitamin C so slap on the sun cream, spend a day on the beach or take a hike by the lakes. You’ll soon be feeling relaxed and get a great tan…  
  • Visit the iconic sites: It is so sad that all our historical sites are now closed to visitors… We cannot wait to admire that beauty again, explore every corner, every stone, every mosaic. All those wonderful buildings will be open again soon to show off their full glory and splendour.
  • Take your own road trip through Andalusia: if you’ve already been to Spain, seen the highlights and have fallen in love with this country, then let us help you go beyond the traditional travel guides and explore the hidden gems. We will very soon have a brand-new program for a self-drive itinerary to go off the beaten path through Andalucia whilst discovering some of the most beautiful ‘white villages’ on the way (from May 1, you can find full details here)
  • Discover Spain as a local: If you choose to travel with Just Explore, we will guide you through Spain as a local and will experience things as a local would. Imagine visiting a private courtyard in Andalusia, having lunch in a family-run winery or shopping for handmade leather shoes in a local shop of Madrid…
  • Enjoy the perfect family vacation: Our itineraries are designed to meet the interests and needs of the entire family. We have amazing and fun experiences to offer from educational tours, thrill-seeking activities to culinary experiences. As we take care of all the arrangements you can simply relax and truly live your family adventure here with us.
  • Discover Spain and Portugal: 2 countries, 1 experience. If you are interested in coming to Spain and you would also like to visit our neighbours, we will gladly design an exclusive, tailor-made itinerary that covers the best of both countries.
  • Spain celebrations: we may be missing the most important festivals of Spring such as Easter and Feria de Abril in Sevilla but there are some other traditional festivities happening in Summer and Fall. Our favorite winter celebrations without a doubt are Christmas & New Year. 
  • An intimate flamenco performance: We can’t wait to share this truly private way to experience flamenco with you. Set in a very authentic building in the historic heart of Sevilla and with less than 40 people, this is a truly magical experience.
  • Become a wine expert: Montilla, our hometown, is a very important wine region within Southern Spain. I have personally grown up surrounded by vineyards and spent many summers picking grapes during our family harvest. One of the most special experiences we offer is a visit to a local family-run winery. Here you’ll learn the process of wine production (from the vine to the bottle) and later taste the unique wines of this very special area, among them, the famous Pedro Ximenez sweet wine, Fino or the Amontillado.

I wanted to send a big thank you for all your support. Please stay strong and safe and we look forward to helping you plan your unique and special holiday to Spain again very soon”.

Rosa Lara

CEO & Founder

Just Explore, Holidays & Tours