Halloween: What To Do in Spain on OCT 31

Halloween in Spain

Halloween: What To Do in Spain on OCT 31

¿Halloween in Spain or All Saints Day in Spain? ¿It´s the same?

Halloween (All Hallow’s Eve, Oct 31) has become a worldwide famous tradition but what we celebrate in Spain is actually the day after, Nov 1st or the All Saints Day, a very important Catholic festivity all over the country, aimed to remember and pray for our deceased relatives.

Halloween in Spain: Celebrations

This Scary night is becoming, more and more popular in Spain, especially among children and teenagers. They usually dress up with Halloween costumes, watch horror films and get together to have dinner and enjoy a little party.

For the oldest ones, the British Cemetery of Málaga celebrates The Big Halloween Game, a gymkhana through the cemetery. If you are in the city at this time of the year and you want to live the experience do not hesitate on asking us about it while you are filling your Tailor Made trip request.

All Saints Day in Spain

The day after Halloween, is All Saints and it’s a day spent rembering loved ones who have passed away. The families bring fresh flowers to the cemetery and then have time together.

It is believed that this day the souls of the people we lose are with us. In some places of Spain there are oil butterflies that light the path for them to get back.

Typical dishes in the All Saints Day in Spain

Halloween pumpkins, in Spain, are just for decorating. Gachas and Huesos de Santo are the typical dishes for this time of the year. Commonly they are eaten as a desert or in the afternoon of Nov 1st when the family is reunited having a coffee after lunch

Gachas is originally a rural dish, known as the food of sheperds and farmers. Gachas could have different textures, presented as a liquid soup or a thick cake with a golden crust.

Huesos de Santo means saint’s bones. This traditional pastry, original from Catalonia, is a roll of marzipan with almonds, sugar and egg yolk.

There are many different ways to live Halloween and the All Saints Day in our country. Take it as an opportunity to enjoy and experience the Spanish culture & traditions.

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