Genalguacil, the “Museum Village” (1-15 August 2018)

Genalguacil, the “Museum Village” (1-15 August 2018)


What if we imagined a classic Andalusian white town where tradition and avant-garde art coexisted? What if we added to the Arabic layout of its cobblestone streets, to its secluded squares and its colorful balconies adorned with flowers, dozens of works by contemporary artists from all corners of the planet? It turns out that this place exists, it is in the province of Malaga and has its own name: Genalguacil, known as “Pueblo museo”, which during the first half of August will host a new edition of its famous Art Encounters.

These meetings have managed to attract the attention of artists from all five continents, attracted by their exoticness, and even the New York Times saw fit to dedicate an extensive report in 2014. The dynamics are simple: the municipality of the locality provides maintenance and accommodation to the selected artists and in return, the creators leave their works as a legacy in the territory where they were made.

However, it is an event that has acquired a certain prestige, so it is not easy to opt for one of the places that are awarded in each call, which are carefully selected by different personalities from the art world. In fact, for this 2018 call, only ten of the 137 projects submitted from 12 different countries have been selected.

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