Iberico ham, from farm to table

Iberian ham is one of the crown jewels of Spanish cuisine.This tour features a fantastic journey through the process and elaboration of one of the most recognized Spanish products all over the world.Experience first-hand why this product is so special. Discover the magnificent natural habitat known as Dehesa, an endless forest of evergreen oaks where indigenous Ibérico pigs graze free day and night during the montanera season (from November through March). Share time with an artisan Ibérico ham producer and with a farmer devoted to raising its Ibérico pigs. Savour the world’s most delicious ham right where it comes from and enjoy a very special home-made lunch at a beautiful farm surrounded by the most spectacular holm oaks forest. Besides, on this tour you’ll learn by the hand of an artisan producer how Ibérico ham is cured, you’ll practice the art of Ibérico ham carving and you will even do some outdoor exercise by hiking through the Dehesa landscape.

This tour is available in two of the main areas of Iberian pigs breeding: Aracena Natural Park (Huelva province) and Los Pedroches Natural Park (Cordoba province).