Hot air balloon

For those not afraid to experience greater heights, we arrange hot air balloon flights over a range of spectacular locations. With this unique experience of floating in the air,you will discover wonderfully diverse landscapes: arid deserts, rolling plains, fertile farmlands, wild and untouched nature reserves, lush olive and orange groves, endless vineyards, snow covered mountain peaks and even the African coastline!

Many people think that a hot air balloon flight will be noisy and windy, when in fact it is the opposite! As you are moving with the wind you won’t be able to feel any, and apart from the quiet whisper from the burner and the sounds from the countryside below, your journey is virtually silent!
Your day begins early in the morning, depending on the season, when you will be advised where to meet the crew. All the meteorological checks will be carried out to ensure that conditions will be perfect for your flight, such as wind direction and speed.

Weather you are taking an adventurous vacation with your kids or friends, seeking for the ultimate romantic present for your partner, or simply attracted by the incomparable sensation of floating high above land, our hot air balloon rides will be beyond your expectations.

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