Wellness & Culinary tour in Southern Spain

Much more than a food trip or a wellness retreat

Taking a break out of our busy lives and the daily hustle and bustle to take care of ourselves has increasingly become a necessity.

Do you suffer from stress? Are you both physically & mentally exhausted and concerned about burning out? Or have you simply put your own health & wellness second to work, family & responsibilities and urgently need a complete wellness reboot? If so, this wellness & culinary tour in Southern Spain is ideal for you; designed to help you reclaim control over your overall physical and mental wellbeing through a blend of mind and body therapies, gentle physical exercise and great food & wine, all working in synergy to help you to rest, heal and recharge.

This 6-night food & wellness tour in Andalucia provides fantastic accommodation and a wonderful mix of experiences including outdoor activities, relaxation and wellness under the Spanish sun!

With this combination of yoga sessions, moderate walking and fun gastronomic activities, reset your mind, heart, lungs and palate.

So, come & join us in sunny Spain to give your health and fitness a real boost. We guarantee your batteries will be fully recharged.

This culinary & wellness trip in Southern Spain is ideal for a small group of friends, families or a wellness community.

Length of the Trip

7 Days / 6 Nights


3-4 stars hotels

Places to Visit

Vejer | Ronda mountains | Nerja | Frigiliana

Starting Point


Ending Point


Type of Trip

Small group tour (6 - 12 people)


Private Drivers


Culinary & Wellness Tour in Andalucia Highlights

  • Stay at two stunning accommodations with privileged location, completely off the beaten path offering peace, relaxation and comfort.
  • Total connection with nature.
  • Morning and evening masterclass with local yoga instructors various wellness techniques (yoga, tai-chi, meditation, pilates….).
  • Handpicked activities to help you relax (spa circuits, massage, arabian baths…) and have fun (horse riding, cycling, cooking).
  • Personalised walks to explore our beautiful countryside and to reconnect with nature, an activity vital for a healthy mind and body.
  • Complete gastronomic immersion into the Mediterranean diet.
  • Locally sourced and produced food, ensuring the very freshest produce possible. Dishes are prepared with in-season, unprocessed, unrefined and, wherever possible, organic products. Minimising packaging, transport distance while supporting local farmers and producers.
  • Farm to the table experiences: local olive oil production, avocado farms, boutique wineries.
  • Responsible tourism, we pre-screen every trip so you can travel knowing your holiday will help support the local economy and conserve the region’s environment. We use recyclable / compostable bags, food containers & paper straws & bamboo cutlery for our “take out” & picnic food….

Enjoy our Spain Culinary Tour & Wellness Tour!