Frances F., Charlotte-USA

Frances F., Charlotte-USA

“We can’t say enough about Just Explore to make sure anyone seeing this review will stop looking for any other travel agents for a trip to Spain. We are overwhelmed by the hospitality and professionalism of all our guides and drivers. Rosa Lara, our travel agent listened to us from the very first moment we contacted her online. That was our 25 wedding anniversary and we wanted to see the culture and history of a country that has it all. We knew that Rosa was most definitely the one I wanted to work with on this adventure. She was very punctual in her replies, let us provide input and provided on the spot recommendations and when it was all done had settled on a 15-day Spain excursion. We were actually blown away with the quality of people that led us across Spain and they all spoke very highly and kind of our agent. We have to give a lot of credit to Rosa and her company. This Spain adventure was beyond our expectations. We will be back and we will definitely allow Just Explore to plan another great trip. We wish Rosa the best in her own professional journey and will not hesitate to recommend this lovely lady to others considering Spain for an adventure. THANK YOU!”

Frances F.
Charlotte, USA
Spring 2018
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