Yvonne G. Vermont-USA. Autumn 2018

Yvonne G. Vermont-USA. Autumn 2018

“Perfect Mother / Daughter Trip to Spain.

I wanted to have a special experience with my 26 year old daughter, traveling and exploring to a place that was of most interest to her.  She selected Spain. I immediately started the research to plan our own itinerary. After a few weeks I determined I needed help! I knew the places we wanted to visit and the type of things we wanted to experience, but didn’t have the knowledge or time to put a 10 day trip together on my own.  After connecting with three different agencies specializing in Spain, I selected Just-Explore. The selection was easy and based on one simple attribute – the human connection. Rosa, the founder and owner of Just-Explore, immediately engaged with me to understand exactly what kind of an experience I wanted.  That was key to me! She understood this wasn’t just about a trip, but an experience, that I wanted my daughter and myself to remember forever. I made the right decision. Our trip to Spain exceeded our expectations. We flew into Barcelona for a few days and one day in Girona, and then went south and spent the remainder of our time in the Andalusia area, staying in Cordoba, Granada and Seville.  We had amazing ½ and full day experiences from visiting UNESCO sites, to Game of Thrones filming sites, visiting nearby small villages like Rhonda and activities like relaxing by a pool, shopping, taking an authentic Spanish cooking class and going to a true Flamenco! Just-Explore is a smaller agency. I think that’s the competitive edge for them. It means one on one communications, immediate availability and response time, and authentic human connections with Rosa, her staff and other travel experts she may tap to help you on your journey.  I don’t give glowing recommendations lightly. I highly recommend Just-Explore”.

Yvonne – Vermont
Autumn 2018

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