Tapas: A Gastronomic Journey Throughout Spain

Tapas: A Gastronomic Journey Throughout Spain

Go out to have tapas could be considered a national sport on weekends. The good weather and the interesting gastronomy make of Spain an ideal place to enjoy delicious food. Tapas are little portions of food, usually served with a drink, from traditional dishes to modern cuisine.




Known as Tortilla de Patatas or Spanish omelette, this is one of the most representative dishes in the country, a must of our gastronomy. Although you can find it all over Spain, Bilbao (Basque Country region) could be one of the best places to try a traditional Tortilla.


Where? Bar Baviera, General Concha Street





Tomatoes, bread and olive oil, this is how Cordoba tastes like. Salmorejo can be offered at every bar in the city but Mercado Victoria (a fancy food court) goes further and specialized in different version of this Cordoban gastronomy masterpiece.


Where? Mercado Victoria, Victoria Avenue



  • CURE MEAT or ibérico products (BURGOS)


The region of Castilla y León and Burgos as its main city is known for its cure meats variety (sausages, black puddings, chorizo, ham…). At Los Herreros street you will find several bars offering these delicatessen all day long but the most vibrant atmosphere is at midday.


Where? Los Herreros Street





People from Madrid love to eat calamari but the favourite way is the fried version with  mayonnaise  or ali oli (garlic sauce). Another traditional way of eating calamari in Madrid is on a sandwich at any of the local bars around Plaza Mayor.


Where? Cañadío, Conde de Peñalver Street





Potatoes salad or Ensaladilla Rusa is one of the most famous tapas in Spain. As it is served cold many places cook it in the morning and they place it on the fridge, so if you order a potatoes salad tapa, you will have it served immediately. Potatoes, tuna, peppers, green peas and mayonnaise are the ingredients of this tasting recipe. Málaga is a great choice to enjoy this tapa while you explore the city.


WHERE? La Cosmopolita, José Denís Belgrano Street





Who doesn´t love croquets? Ham, mushrooms, chicken or spinach are the classic ones, but a long list of different flavours can be offered at most bars around Spain. In the wine region of La Rioja, the croquetas are a must to accompany a glass of their delicious red wines.


Where? Echaurren, Padre José García Street, Ezcaray (La Rioja)





As simple as a toasted bread with fresh tomatoes! People from Barcelona are lovers of this recipe and is served as a starter at every lunch or just for breakfast… you choose.


Jardi de l’Abadessa, Carrer de l’Abadessa Olzet






The region of Cádiz on the Atlantic coastline in Southern Spain is the perfect spot to try the best fresh fried fish (anchoives, shrimps, calamari, octopus.. you name it). It is commonly served with lemon and handmade mayonnaise sauce.

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