Ginger & friends, Missouri-USA

Ginger & friends, Missouri-USA


“This was one of the most thoroughly enjoyable– and instructive– trips that we’ve taken in recent years. Much of the credit goes to you, Rosa, and we are most grateful. Your careful and attentive planning, the outstanding itinerary, the superb accommodations, the wonderful restaurants, the professionalism of all your tour guides– we could hardly have asked for more!
Identifying ‘high points’ is a real challenge, given the diversity of each of our stops along the way– the ‘signature’ cities, the countryside, the gorgeous towns and villages, and the memorable olive oil and winery visits. The civilizational mix of Roman, Islamic, and Christian history, culture, architecture, and arts– truly unique! I should note that Ronda does stand out, if only on account of its stunning site!
On a personal note, it was a genuine pleasure having you with us for much of the tour. We miss your cheerful presence, Rosa, and we truly appreciated the concern you showed for the four of us and for doing everything you could on our behalf.  We’ve already recommended Just Explore to our friends– and will continue to do so. And we would happily return to Andalucia– if only to see you again and to revisit this remarkable region.
Thanks for everything, Rosa. We wish you every good thing– with Just Explore and beyond!”
Marvis M.
Missouri, USA
Spring 2018
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