Cynthia & Charles Field, Washington-USA. Spring 2016

Cynthia & Charles Field, Washington-USA. Spring 2016

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“This trip could never have been done without the efficient planning and responses of Rosa Lara, our travel specialist.  We decided to do the trip in our Spring vacation from the University where we are both professors at the last minute.  We had a lot to cram in and only eight days to do it.  With the help of Just Explore we got to see everything we wanted to see, we saved time with transfers they made by car and train, we missed nothing because of the excellent guides who showed us all the important aspects of every sight and town. Most importantly, Rosa made the experiences pleasant with her personal warmth and service.  We felt that she took care of all aspects of our trip so thoughtfully that we could relax and enjoy our travel in Spain. I got fast responses to all my inquiries. Those responses took in to account my questions and gave the answers I need to plan.The hotels picked were all distinctive and very well located. We were given tips on restaurants in each of our stops. If I would do this trip again I might use that time to see some of the unusual other opportunities that Just Explore offers such as exploring the making of olive oil or the famous local wines, just to give a little spice to the touring of great landmarks”

Cynthia & Charles
Washington DC, USA
Spring 2016

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