Cultural Tour Nov 2019

Cultural Tour Nov 2019

“Absolutely a fabulous trip!. The itinerary was a perfect blend of history, great food – wine, and free time.  If you are headed to Andalucia, you must go with Rosa Lara and and her team!

Jennifer S.
Autumn 2019

“Rosa has created a wonderful tour of Andalusia.  It is fun, enlightening and delicious! The micro-hotels Rosa engages are unique; each has its own historical character.  They are welcoming, comfortable, responsive and conveniently located in or very near the historical city centers, so it’s easy to explore on your own during free time. Rosa introduced us to many delicious Spanish foods, including soups, tapas, drinks, wines and desserts. As we traveled in comfortable vehicles, with good drivers, we were able to take in the scenery and the amazing changes in trees, plants and geology that seem to occur with every new hill.  We visited, in addition to wonderful historic sights, an olive mill, a small local winery where we did a wine tasting with the vintner who explained the process and how wine forms such a large part of Spanish life and cuisine.  Our travels included an archeological site at the fabulous Moorish palace and city built by the Caliph of Cordoba, an equestrian show and a Flamenco performance.  My favorite was the winery – it felt like we were in a private laboratory of a venerable professor of oenology.  Although I did not enjoy most of the wines which were heartier than what I prefer, it was a magical experience. We should also mention that our traveling companions, Jennifer and Clay, were delightful and we ended our journey with them by putting our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. All local guides were very knowledgeable and helped us to understand the subtleties of Spanish history. The love for and pride in her homeland that Rosa possesses are evident throughout the tour and as we saw Andalusia through Rosa’s eyes we fell in love with it too.  When we return to Spain, and we surely will, we will do it with Rosa.  What more do you need to know?

Mary Anne & Jim
Connecticut, USA
Autumn 2019

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