Best Plans For Autumn In Spain

Plans for Autumn In Spain

Best Plans For Autumn In Spain

As the summer comes to a close in Spain and the days get progressively cooler, a plethora of interesting and exciting activities become possible to enjoy again. We’ve selected the best plans for Autumn in Spain. From wine tasting and gastronomic tours to visiting cultural gems and enjoying the outdoors, whatever your preferences might be, Spain in the Fall has so much to offer.

12 ideal plans for Autumn in Spain

E-bike ride in the Penedes wine country, Catalonia

With nearly 3 million acres of vineyards, Spain is the most widely planted wine-producing country and the third largest producer of wine in the world. If you’re visiting in the Fall, we suggest heading to the wine making region of the Penedès in Catalonia, a vast and open territory stretching across a long strip of land between the Montserrat mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Barcelona and Tarragona. The Penedès is an absolutely gorgeous region where Cava (Spain’s answer to Champagne) is produced.

To make the most of this magnificent part of the country, we recommend spending the day surrounded by vineyards by e-biking through the fields and visiting small boutique wineries where you’ll discover the different steps in the process of Cava making. Our local winegrowers will show you the hidden secrets of wine production and the region’s long and fascinating history. ¡One of the best plans for autumn in Spain!

Consuegra’s Saffron Rose Festival, Castilla La Mancha

Consuegra’s Saffron Rose Festival – For a truly unique experience, head to the windmill town of Consuegra in Castilla-La Mancha during the last weekend of October when the town is immersed in fields of delicate purple flowers and a variety of activities and competitions are organized to celebrate the harvesting of saffron.

The fun begins with the proclamation of the Dulcinea and her Ladies in Waiting, in reference to the Don Quixote character, a literature masterpiece from Miguel de Cervantes in which the windmills of Consuegra famously hold a prominent place. Other activities that shouldn’t be missed include cooking, saffron picking as well as a festival of traditional music and dance featuring groups from all over the region. ¡One of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!

Feel the Duende of the Flamenco in Sevilla, Andalucia (Autumn In Spain)

Sevilla’s “Bienal de Flamenco”– Until October 4th, Sevilla is hosting one of the oldest and most internationally renowned flamenco festival of its kind. Occurring every two years in various theatres throughout the city, it features everything from dancers, to vocalists and musicians. The last edition in 2018 boasted over 60 shows and drew audiences of around 42,000. From its Gypsy roots, Festivals like the Bienal have helped Flamenco change and evolve by bringing together artists from all over Spain, with different traditions and ideas. Other dance forms such as ballet, contemporary dance, and tap have also been included in the popular Seville festival resulting in incredibly creative shows.

Go Wild in Ordesa Valley & Monte Perdido National Park, Aragón

Consisting of four valleys (Añisclo, Escueta, Ordesa and Picuaín) and one peak, Monte Perdido, this unique National Park in Spain unfolds like a scene from a film, where wildly different ecosystems perfectly coexist together. Here, you can go from exploring meadows and enormous forests to gorges and glaciers with perpetual snow and end up in a unique karstic landscape. This fascinating landscape is dominated by the water that flows down from the snowy summits to its impressive valleys, bringing life to the abundant flora and fauna. Hiking here in the Fall is a true treat and there are over 20 hiking routes of varying difficulty covering 380 kms. ¡One of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!

Go off the beaten path at Sierra de Francia, Castilla-León

This beautiful and remote corner of Spain is full of mountains, forests, streams and hidden historic stone and timber villages. Rarely visited by tourists, this unique part of the country is truly one of Castilla y Léon’s best kept secrets and is particularly atmospheric in Fall. Here, nature lovers will be spoiled for choice: hiking, wildlife observation and ornithology, swimming in natural pools, and a host of sporting and cultural activities.  ¡One of the best plans for autumn in Spain!

Get back in time at El Torcal de Antequera, Andalucia

The most geologically stunning of all of Andalucia’s Natural Parks, El Torcal de Antequera (Malaga) is renowned for its unique limestone formations which give it a surreal, almost eerie feel to it. The whole area was under the Tetis sea some 150 million years ago when violent earth crust movements forced the seabed upwards into hills and mountains.

This, followed by millions of years of wind and rain erosion, produced some of the most spectacular limestone scenery found anywhere in Europe. There are three set routes through the reserve: green, yellow and red. In order to protect the flora and fauna the red route (4.5kms) is in a restricted zone and can only be visited with a guide (at the time of writing). The green and yellow routes are both circular and can be done on your own or with an expert nature guide. ¡One of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!

Get lost in the copper forest at El Valle del Genal, Andalucia

You can certainly visit the Genal Valley (only 30 min inland from the Costa del Sol) all year round but Autumn is without any doubt the best time to admire the beautiful copper colours (giving the name to the area). This range of mountains in the Malaga province is clothed with lush Mediterranean vegetation; notably, chestnut trees which are absolutely gorgeous in the Fall.

Despite its deep peaceful valleys, narrow gorges, steep cliffs, and ancient coves, the Genal Valley is not widely known or heavily traveled, and as such offers a truly authentic experience. As the chestnut is the star seasonal product, when the harvest ends, several towns hold festivals and events to try them roasted. That’s why the popular “Tostón” is celebrated on Nov 1 at most local towns such as Genalguacil, one of the most picturesque villages of the area.

Explore and Taste the Sierra de Aracena, Andalucia

The Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche in the province of Huelva is one of the largest protected areas in Spain and a paradise for foodies and nature lovers. These woody hills, scattered with picturesque whitewashed villages, are a fantastic refuge for wildlife. It is also here, in the Dehesa habitat (a very unique and natural forest of Holm Oak and Cork trees) where the Iberian pigs find the perfect environment to breed and freely roam its wooded pastures and feed on fallen acorns. 

If you’re interested in Iberian Ham, we have a lovely itinerary designed to help you learn and experience everything related to this Spanish delicacy. This gorgeous area is also famed for being an excellent place to collect wild mushrooms and truffles and Fall is most definitely the best season to enjoy this lovely outdoors activity! ¡One of the best plans for autumn in Spain!

Round trip to Planet Mars at the Rio Tinto River, Andalucia

Considered the birthplace of the Copper and the Bronze Age, the Rio Tinto River (or Red River) is tinted red as a result of thousands of years of mining for copper, gold, silver and other minerals in this part of Western Andalucia. The high acidity of the water keeps people away but draws scientists in since its conditions are similar to those found in other areas in the solar system.

The fact that bacteria lives in this environment could make the likelihood of life elsewhere all the more possible! Some of the activities available at the park include visiting a mine and taking a ride on the mine’s old commercial line in a refurbished mine train. ¡One of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!

Olive Oil making, Andalucia

The harvest of olives only happens once a year so this is a must if you are visiting Spain between November and February. We can guarantee that this once in a lifetime experience will become one of the highlights of your trip. We take you into the countryside to visit a family-run olive oil mill where you will discover the full process of olive oil making. Here, you will enjoy a tour of the family groves where you’ll see how olives are picked and learn about the different characteristics, culinary uses and health benefits of olive oil.

After a visit to the mill and witnessing first-hand how the precious oil (often refer to as “liquid gold” by locals) is extracted from these tiny fruits. The experience will be certainly completed with a guided tasting along with freshly baked bread made by the very same family!  ¡One of the best plans for autumn in Spain!

Hiking & Cycling in the Sierra de Tramuntana NP, Mallorca

Visiting Spain’s Balearic islands off season is a real treat; the temperature is lovely, the crowds have left and you’re free to explore these natural wonders to your heart’s content. The dreamy island of Mallorca, provided inspiration to Chopin and Miró, and has come to be synonymous with world-renowned beaches and coves. From secluded corners perfect for couples to fun activities for the entire the family, Mallorca has something for everyone and with a stunningly beautiful environment to boot! 

Namely, Sierra de Tramuntana NP which was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011 and is a stunning mountain range that runs along Mallorca’s north and east coast offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. The picturesque rural landscapes, rich wildlife and beautiful winding roads make this island ideal to go hiking or cycling. ¡One of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!

Walk the Camí de Cavals, Menorca

Smaller than Mallorca, it is regarded by many as the most beautiful Balearic Island due to its many pretty secluded coves and lovely sandy beaches. Over the years, the island has been quietly encouraging sustainable tourism and in 1993 UNESCO recognized Menorca as a natural Biosphere Reserve. This surprisingly green island is great for hiking, cycling or horseback riding. Restored ancient coastal paths that link the seemingly never ending series of perfect coves make up the Camí de Cavalls path.

Walking it is arguably the best way to experience all aspects of Menorca. Camí de Cavalls is split into 20 stages and runs through an ancient 185 km path that follows Menorca’s coast crossing gullies, valleys, wetlands, and farming areas. The path connects ancient watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches leading to a great deal of coves and beautiful spots of the island. ¡One of the best plans for autumn in Spain!

If you’re curious about any of these wonderful places and activities and would like to incorporate them into your next trip to Spain JUST let us know and we’ll make sure you get to experience and EXPLORE all these and more! ¡Enjoy our selections of our favourite plans for autumn in Spain!