Bart & Sue Butell, Oregon, USA. Autumn 2014

Bart & Sue Butell, Oregon, USA. Autumn 2014

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We are so grateful to Rosa and all her work to plan our trip!  She tailored our trip perfectly to meet all of our hopes and dreams.  She is very knowledgeable about southern Spain and guided us through so many wonderful adventures- from Flamenco dancing to quaint old villages to wonderful guides along the way.  Rosa’s English is excellent,  she called us on the phone both in the US and in Spain, monitoring our journey closely and making sure we were having the best time possible.  She was always responsive to our needs, even when we asked for changes in our schedule.  Rosa is extremely efficient and got to us in a very timely manner.  A special treat was finally meeting her and being able to spend a day with her in Ronda.  Not only is she a good driver but she is a warm and friendly person who is so easy to be with. It was comforting to have Rosa as a contact in Spain and she helped us out more than once when confused about navigating our way via car in Spain.   I would not hesitate to recommend Rosa to any of our family or friends!

Sue & Bart Butell
Oregon, USA
Autumn 2014

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