Toledo: What to Do & Where to Go

Where to go and what to do in Toledo

Toledo: What to Do & Where to Go

Do you want to know where to go and what to do in Toledo? Toledo is only at 30-minute ride on the high speed train from Madrid city center. It is truly one of the most  magnificent cities in Spain. The walled city of Toledo was known as the “city of three cultures” in the Medieval times. A place where Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities peacefully coexisted. Take your time to not just come for a day trip, but to stay overnight to really appreciate the city in all its haunting glory.

Where to go and what to do in Toledo?

Visit the city monuments

The first thing you have to do after check-in is to stroll the streets of the Jewish quarter, visit the Cathedral, the Sinagogue of El Transito, the Sephardic Museum and the Santa Maria La Blanca synagogue (the oldest synagogue in Toledo). You will follow the footsteps of great historical figures such as Garcilaso de la Vega, El Greco, Alfonso X El Sabio, Benito Perez Galdos or the Emperor Charles V.

The Alcazar, San Juan de los Reyes Monastery, the Santo Tome church or la Mezquita de la Luz are also some other interesting sites if you feel like learning more of the fascinating history of this Imperial city and capital of Spain until 1560. We highly recommend to take one of the private guided tours with local art historian guides. Please feel free to contact us for more information

Taste the flavours of Toledo

After a morning stroll you will need to recharge your batteries and we are happy to suggest our favourite spots in the old town:

  • Taste some local and international craft beers at La Abadia, a former 16th-century house with a very singular and traditional architecture. The bar area is often packed with hungry, talkative nibblers so you can get a space to try some of their tapas such as the judias con perdiz (white bean and partridge casserole, a classic Toledo dish).
  • Try any of the delicatessen dishes for lunch at the restaurant Alfileritos 24, another 16th century courtyard house, beautifully restored preserving the soul of the original building. You will feel a perfect fusion of past and modernity not just in the architecture and decoration but also on their gastronomy offer.
  • Last stop of this culinary experience around Toledo is the  famous marzipans at Santo Tomé pastry shop, the oldest and nicest in town

Adventure Toledo

It is not all about history and gastronomy, you can also experience amazing outdoors activities to feel Toledo from a different perspective.

Toledo hosts Europe’s longest urban zip line. This tight steel cable of 180 meters, that can resist up to 10 tons, runs parallel to San Martin bridge. The zip line will allow you to fly from one side of the Tajo river to the other offering you incredible views.

Take the time to walk along the Tajo river. Toledo has a path, called the Green Walk, that meanders along the river just below the walls of Toledo. It is a peaceful walk that many tourists miss in their rush to see all the monuments of Toledo. You will get a new perspective of the city and enjoy incredible photo shots opportunities.

Admire the Skyline

Towards the end of your sightseeing day, you need to take a break to not miss the magical lights and colours of the sunset over Toledo. There are some incredible off the beaten path spots to enjoy the most spectacular vistas over the city. Have a drink, enjoy a nice dinner or simply shoot pictures with your camera (non stop) as these will be the memories of a lifetime.

We hope you liked our article on where to go and what to do in Toledo!