What to Bring to Spain: 10 Essentials

What to Bring to Spain: 10 Essentials

If you are coming to Spain during the Spring/Summer season you might need to make a list of things to carry. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with this task and have prepared a list of 10 essentials you should bring with you for your adventure trip to Spain.

  • An adapter plug. If you are travelling from USA, Canada or Australia is better to bring an adapter with you to avoid any issues while charging your gadgets.


  • Lightweight shoes. The weather during this time of the year is rather warm and we highly recommend to wear the  right shoes (comfy and light!). Trainers, sneakers or espadrilles are all good option.

  • Sunscreen and a cap. At midday the sun is up and if you are walking around the city or outdoors in the countryside , you will appreciate to wear a cap. Sunscreen is a must to protect your skin!


  • A jacket for the chilly eveningsEven though the days are warm, the temperature drops almost ten degrees Celsius at night time.


  • Currency exchange. Nowadays credit cards are accepted mostly everywhere but but for paying small amounts of money some shops may ask you to pay with cash and you will need currency exchange.


  • Passport Pouch. While travelling long distances we try to carry a lot of documents with us. A passport pouch is a great solution to have them all together and don´t forget anything.


  • Jet lag relief.  When you are exploring a new country you just don’t want to miss a minute and keep fully awake and energetic to discover every hidden corner. The problem is Jet Lag, that ugly friend… With this amazing and miracle Jet lag relief, you will not miss a single thing.



  • Deodorant wipes. These could be as useful as anything for the hot sweating days and walking tours


  • Water bottle. This is a priority! A bottle with a filter will keep your fresh water in perfect quality conditions and you will also be helping the environment by not using plastic bottles.


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