Our March Favourites

Our March Favourites


Just Explore is not only a travel agency, it’s much more than that. We would to inspire you while you are travelling and would like to share our monthly favourites (places, dishes, wines, songs, movies…). Here is our first monthly favourites. Hope you like them all.


A MUST VISIT: Valle del Jerte


Valle del Jerte is a beautiful valleuy located in the region of Extremadura, where cherry trees grow. During Spring season, the valley is pretty amazing to visit because of the blooming cherry trees. A white landscape on a green grass carpet to walk through for hours…




A MUST DISH: Oxtail stew


This traditional Andalusian dish is supposedly inspired in Córdoba. Traditionally made after the bull fights, the dish spread throughout the rest of Spain. Each restaurant has its own special recipe, some using red wine, others opting for PX sweet wine or sherry.

Oxtail needs to be cooked slowly over a low heat because it is extremely bony, fatty, and tough. But once it cooks long enough, it becomes really tender and delicious.



A MUST WATCH: Marie Kondo on Netflix


We suppose that you job, family or other tasks keeps you very busy and with no time to tide things up and keep organize. We quite like Marie Kondo, a brand new series from Netflix. You can learn about her method to keep the harmony and order at home and to create relaxing and peaceful environments



A MUST SONG: Shallow


If there is a trendy song this 2019 it would be Shallow, from the film A star is born by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. The song has just won the last Oscars edition and has been performed by the two main characters of the film on the big night. If you haven’t listened to it yet, get ready to hear it everywhere from now on.


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