Just Explore Commitment for 2020

Just Explore Commitment for 2020

At Just Explore we are particularly concerned about the difficult situation that the entire world is currently facing. We wonder how this is going to change people’s minds and behaviour. However, we are very positive about the future and believe that will all get through this together.

Part of our daily tasks are our contributions to help build a better world and here is our list of the actions we take to hopefully reach that goal.

Just Explore mission

The way we understand travel and tourism does not contemplate big crowds of people. Travelling individually or part of a very small group is the best way to learn, admire and enjoy a destination with a lower impact on the local lifestyle.

We are big defenders of slow tourism and travel interaction. Our escorted tours have a maximum of 12 people and our itineraries are taken at a very relaxed pace where flexibility is key for our clients and our team. We take you off the beaten path to show you the hidden gems than no big groups can venture to.
With Just Explore you will experience Spain as locals do.

Sustainable tourism

We live in a world where everyone can be connected and have access to anything at the touch of a button. We can have virtual experiences, visit places online, travel the world through an app but it’s never quite the same as a real experience. That personal touch can only be achieved one way and as local travel designers, our aim is to ensure you experience the real Spain and meet the most authentic people along the way.

Yes, we will show you the highlights, but we will also take you to places the travel books do not mention. You will get immersed in local experiences, visit a family-run business, taste home-made food and buy from local producers.

Let the world Fall in Love with Spain

One of our fundamental pillars is making our travellers feel that they are home from home. Most of their testimonials talk about how welcoming and friendly the Spanish people are.

We are indeed very proud of our hospitality and we are also very fortunate to have the natural and cultural richness our country has to offer. For some travellers it is love at first sight, for others, it’s like a magnetic attraction but the truth is, one way or another, Spain will not leave you indifferent. It has a certain charm that most cannot resist.  

Just Explore Office Eco

Our office is like our second home as it’s where we spend a big part of our time co-working, creating new contents, sharing new ideas and experiences, and attending all the bookings for our travellers. We purposely made it look and feel very cosy and a pleasant place to be.

In our workplace, we try to be as eco-friendly as possible and recycle where possible, especially with plastics and electricity. The position of our office block was designed to be in direct sunshine most of the day, so we make use of the natural energy for heating and lighting.

Just Explore is much more than a local travel agency, it’s a family, it’s a life project and the translation of passion for our job.