Galicia, a unique region with its own language and distinctive culture, is home to Santiago de Compostela, the goal of over a quarter of a million souls who travel each year along the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trails. Santiago is one of Spain’s most beautiful and magical cities, an exceptionally good reason for any traveller to make their way to Spain’s northwestern corner.

But Galicia is much more than Santiago. The wild coastline is frayed up and down its 1,200km length by majestic rías (coastal inlets), and strung with cliffs, beaches, islands and fishing ports – which bring in arguably the best seafood in Europe, to which superb Galician wines provide the perfect pairing. Inland is a labyrinth of deep-green valleys, speckled with stone villages, medieval monasteries and age-old vineyards. As you travel you’ll repeatedly run into reminders of Galicia’s unique cultural identity: the skirl of bagpipes, the centuries-old stone architecture, the exceptional welcoming people, the castro fort-villages of Galicians’ Celtic ancestors.

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