Example Itineraries

Planning a trip to Spain? Looking for some inspiration?

Well done! You’ve found the perfect place to help you putting together the most exciting Spain travel itinerary.

Spain is a vast and varied country and you can’t cover all of it in one single trip. Based on the duration of your vacation, your preferences and interests, we would advice you to focus on just a few areas to enjoy your time here with us. In this section, we give you some example itineraries for different types of customised trips that we have created for previous travellers.

From a generic two weeks “Best of Spain” tour, discovering the cultural and historical highlights, our example itineraries will be fully customised and adapted to both your needs and budget. With Just Explore you will certainly get the flavour and authenticity of what Spain has to offer.

Best of Spain Tour

Best of Spain

From amazing architectural sights to fascinating cultural experiences and off the beaten track adventures, this tour offers the best of Spain. Take a journey through the country’s most important cities to learn about the amazing history and multi-ethnic heritage. One of our favourites example itineraries.

Best of Spain and Portugal Tour

Best of Spain and Portugal

Looking for rich culture, fascinating history, unbeatable weather and incredible gastronomy? This fantastic tour of the Iberian Peninsula has all that and more…

We’ve handpicked our favourite locations in both Spain and Portugal which we believe perfectly highlight both the similarities and many differences between these two beautiful neighbouring countries.

Tour of Southern France and Northern Spain

France and Northern Spain

If you have already visited Central and Southern Spain and would like to explore more of our country and a bit of France, we invite you to take this fascinating trip along the Atlantic coastline to discover the region of Bordeaux and the Northern part of Spain.

Delicious food, inspiring wine, rich culture and splendid art are on the menu!

A family adventure across Spain Tour

A family adventure across Spain

Planning a trip to Spain with Kids? You’re in for a treat! Spain is a family-friendly destination with excellent transport, accommodation, food, and an extraordinary range of attractions that appeal to young and all!

Honeymoon in Spain

Spain for honeymooners

Are you planning your honeymoon and can’t decide between beach, city, countryside, history, nightlife or down time? Well then, how about a little bit of verything? Spain really is the ideal destination to celebrate this special occasion without having to compromise

Iberico Ham Tour in Spain

Iberico Ham Tour in Spain

On this unique and pioneering tour centred around Spanish gastronomy in general and its Iberian ham culture in particular, you’ll uncover the secrets of this internationally acclaimed delicacy. But don’t worry, you won’t be just hearing about ham all day everyday! You’ll also get to explore and experience our country’s wonderfully rich gastronomy, culture and history.

Self-drive Tour of Andalucia

Self-drive Tour of Andalucia

Go beyond Andalusia’s jewels and uncover its hidden gems…

On this trip, we look past the shining jewels and take you off the beaten path to explore Andalusia’s dramatic landscapes and the legendary White Villages.

Gourmet Tour of Andalucia

Gourmet Tour of Andalucia

On this gastronomic journey, we invite you to take a bite out of Andalucia. Heavily inspired by the Moorish tradition, Andalusian cuisine has something for everyone whether you’re a fish fan, a meat lover or a vegetarian.

We invite you to join us as we explore these many flavours through tastings of local delicacies like the incomparable Jamón Ibérico, delicious Bluefin red tuna, artisanal goat cheese and the most exquisite Spanish caviar, yes… Spanish caviar!

Wellness & Culinary tour of Andalucia

Wellness & Culinary tour of Andalucia

Need a break from your busy life? If so, this holiday is ideal for you. Come & join us in sunny Spain to give your health and fitness a real boost. We guarantee your batteries will be fully recharged. Enjoy and rest with our Spain travel itinerary.