Best 9 hidden beaches in Spain

Best 9 hidden beaches in Spain

The Iberian peninsula has a strategical location to enjoy the perfect summer holiday. From Galicia’s pristine ocean waters to Andalucia’s stunning hidden coves, Spain is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.  but some of its most dazzling are well off the beaten track. We invite you to take the road less travelled and explore those slices of Spanish paradise. Here you are our top favourite: 

ARTOLA BEACH, Costa del Sol 

Playa de Artola – Cabopino belongs to the municipality of Marbella (only 13 km from the town center). It’s probably one of the best beaches in the Costa del Sol and you can feel a special sense of freedom and connection with nature. The landscape, dotted with stunning sand dunes, exceptionally clean waters and delicate natural vegetation like sea narcissus or junipers, will not leave you indifferent.

Playa de Cabopino covers an area of 1,200 metres located in the Dunas de Artola, a valuable protected nature reserve in the heart of the Costa del Sol. With fine sand golden in colour, this spacious beach adjacent to Cabopino Marina it also has some stretches of nudist beach. In the area you can also visit places of great historical interest such as the Torre Ladrones, a defensive tower of Roman origin declared a Site of Cultural Interest. 

LOS MUERTOS, Cabo de Gata 

Don’t be alarmed by the name  Playa de los Muertos (the Beach of the Dead People). Everything here is alive and extraordinary beautiful, starting with an underwater world full of life.  The coastal area of the Cabo de Gata  nature reserve  is well protected and has kept its natural beauty.  Playa de los Muertos is only accessible by foot. There are no facilities so make sure you take all your provisions with you. Save some water for the taxing walk back up the hill.  

The small path leading to the beach can be somewhat tiring, especially under the scorching noon-time sun,  so you’ll need a bit of motivation to get you through the 15-minute walk. But once there, you will have arrived in a natural paradise… So natural that nudism is welcome! 

BOLONIA, Tarifa  

This almost-4-km long beach finds itself 17km-far from the city of  Tarifa, Spain’s most southern city, in  El  Estrecho  Natural Park. The beach is renowned or the blue, limpid and cold waters, the white sand and the majestic dunes. This unspoilt almost wild beach is also a true heaven for the windsurf lovers, thanks to the wind that blows constantly, and for the nudists, who can spend the day in the secluded area of  El Chorrito.  

The Bolonia dune gives you the opportunity to do some sport and be rewarded by  breathtaking views  once you get to the top, where, on very sunny days,  you can even spot the African coast.  Moreover, you can jump in the past by visiting the ruins of  Baelo Claudia, a very well preserved Roman town discovered in the 1970s.  


Huelva coastline is one of Spain’s most unspoilt areas and boasts a number of wild and quiet beaches perfect for sun and nature lovers eager to escape the crowds. This urban beach features golden sand and offers all sort of facilities and a great family-friendly atmosphere. 

MONSUL, Cabo de Gata

Nestled in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park in southern Spain, Playa de Mónsul is one of a string of spectacular beaches in the area. Visitors can look forward to relaxing on shimmering sands and soaking in the fascinating landscape of enormous sand dunes and volcanic rock formations that carve this  diamond of the Mediterranean Sea.
Did you know that one of the closing scenes of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (starring Harrison Ford and Sean Connery) was filmed on this beautiful hidden Spanish beach? 

LLAFRANC, Costa Brava

Opposite the centre of the village of Llafranc is the beach that carries the same name, which extends over 330 metres long with two clearly differentiated areas. The one closest to the small harbour that serves the area is full of boats beached on the sand. The other which is occupied by swimmers, has fine sand and is about 40 metres wide. The advantage of being integrated in an urban area is that it has numerous additional services within walking distance, including hotels, bars and restaurants and even free WiFi service. 

CALO DES MORO, Mallorca 

You don’t need to go to Asia or the Caribbean to enjoy wonderful white sand and turquoise water beaches. Mallorca is the paradise of the Mediterranean. Calo des Moro, about 6 kms from the town of Santany, used to be one of  Mallorca’s  best kept secret beaches. Unfortunately, the word has spread and now everyone knows about it. That said, it’s still worth it and one of our favourite beaches.  


Its enormous natural wealth is based on its arid mountains, its long, ochre and golden-coloured beaches as well as its lonely coves, the formation of its fossil dunes, its white salt lakes and its mountain massifs, which contrast with the blue sea. 

Although access in the summertime is limited due to the large number of visitors, any other time of the year you can enjoy a wonderful, peaceful swim or go trekking along this incredible coastline. The true charm of this place is best felt trekking on its trails or walking barefoot on any of its beaches. From any of the Park’s elevations, the views are spectacular. 


The smallest beach in the world! This beach certainly is! Playa de Gulpiyuri is a flooded sinkhole with an inland beach located near Llanes, in Asturias Northern Spain, around 100 m from the Cantabria Sea.

Roughly 40 m length, this listed Natural Monument is an incredibly unique area in terms of geology and scenery. It is flooded during strong high tides, affording the beach the appearance of a saltwater pool. It is a preferred spot for many families in eastern Asturias during the summer, being a sheltered beach with calm waters compared to the heavy swell of the Bay of Biscay. The word ‘Gulpiyuri’ means ‘water circle’.

Unlike from many other hidden beaches around the world, Playa de Gulpiyuri is actually fully tidal and even has waves bathing the small strip of sand. The crystal clear water is a little cold and as you can guess, the access is only by foot. The adventure? Totally worth it!

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